─── Spectacular Custom World ───

─── Outposts and Dungeons ───

─── Build a nation ✦ Forge an empire ───

Build a nation with your friends.
Found cities.
Construct fortresses and castles.
Capture territory.
Expand your dominion.
Conquer NPC outposts and dungeons.

─── Epic PvP/PvE Sieges ───

Test your mettle in our custom siege system, years in the making, by besieging dungeons and player towns. Command both players and NPC mobs in strategic battles that take place on various levels.

With Chorus sieges, enjoy great freedom: build your defenses, blast through walls, break the enemy's lines, and burn their fortifications to win. Don't worry about the damage; all builds are restored afterward.

─── Improved Combat ───

─── Exclusive Features ───